My Swaggerwagon

In our garage, there wasn’t a car large enough to transport our family once Eden arrives…that is until today. A few hours ago we purchased a used 2004 Honda Odyssey. It may be a seven-year old car but it only has 44,000 miles and was purchased for nearly $2,000 under Kelley Bluebook price. To me, it is an amazing car not only because it fits our needs and budget but also because of the way God brought it to us.

On the first day we officially started the adoption process, Sonia met in the morning with her women’s Bible study group. At the end of the meeting, she shared two prayer requests: (1) the adoption process and (2) a van. Relative to everything else, finding a van was low on our to do list. So, after taking passport pictures, getting birth and wedding certificates and ordering a new passport, we were shocked to get a text from one of the ladies only four hours later saying, “I think I found your van.” Three hours later we were at a stranger’s house promising to purchase their Odyssey in May.

What made this purchase so unusual was not only that it fit our needs perfectly but that it almost seemed like the van was reserved just for us. First of all, the van wasn’t even for sale. Right before our friend called the owner, his wife had just told him that they needed to sell it. So, he was shocked when our friend called shortly after and inquired about it. After I talked to the owner’s wife on the phone to set up an appointment, I later found out she hung up and told her husband, “I think these people are sent to us by God.” When I took the car for a test drive that evening, the owners were very curious to know why we needed it. Sonia shared with them our adoption story and because they were from China, they seemed very moved by it.¬†On top of everything, they were not ready to sell the van for a few months which was perfect timing for us because we needed the time to sell our 4-Runner and save up money to make the new purchase. So, we agreed to purchase the van by May sealed only by a gentlemen’s handshake.

Today, we completed a deal that started over two months ago. Right after we purchased the Odyssey, we sold our 4-Runner less than two hours later. The Father is so generous and thoughtful in the details. He not only answered our requests but did so with such swift precision and care. He didn’t have to do it that way, but he did. And because he did, we were freed from the hassle of searching Craigslist, negotiating and traveling to see various vans. Because he did, we were able to share His adoption story with a family who seemed to be struggling in their faith.

Some men may not find it exciting to drive a used van full of children around town but I can honestly say, I will do it with with pride. This van and all who are in it are reminders of the Father’s kindness to me. So, if you see me cruisin in my Odyssey, don’t be surprised if my windows are down and you hear “Word Up” pumpin on the subwoofers. What can I say? It’s my swaggerwagon.

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3 thoughts on “My Swaggerwagon

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  2. Tracey says:

    hilarious! the swagger wagon video is awesome. i envision your face in place of this swaggin’ dad. maybe it should be you and daryl for the next lifesong dance off. : )

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