Faces of Kathmandu

One of the most important parts of this trip to Nepal is meeting real people. The more we truly see them and get to know them, albeit often briefly, the more we grow to love the people and not just the country. Sonia and I have a growing fondness for the Nepali people. They are humble, warm and welcoming. The following are some of the interesting men, women and children we met in Kathmandu. Some of the best photos are taken by my wife. She has an eye for really “seeing” people.


Brick Layer: I told this man I liked his shirt and asked if I could take a picture of him. He was so happy to be asked, he stopped what he was doing and posed with this huge smile on his face. They were rebuilding a fallen wall of a school that one of our missionary friends attended as a child.


Sidewalk Saleswoman: When you walk down many of the streets of Kathmandu, the sidewalks are filled with people selling everything. And I do mean everything. Everything from fruit to jewelry to rubber slippers to fried spicy meat to sweat pants to cellphone accessories. This woman happened to be selling spices along with her friend. Sonia admired the rich tone of her skin and asked if she could take her picture. The woman shyly obliged.


Instant Intimate: This young man, named Suga, was crammed next to me on the minibus during rush hour. There were 16 people in this tiny little van. It felt like the small car that dozens of clowns squeeze into at the circus. He is a website developer. Bright and open. His English was excellent. Most Nepalis speak quite a bit of English learning through the school system. I had a great conversation with Suga. How could I not? I was practically sitting on his lap!


Tough Guys: These guys were moving into a disaster area with great intent until I asked if I could take their picture. The one on the right quickly called his buddy back and suddenly gave me tough-guy military face. Kind of reminded me of my first driver’s license picture. His friend obviously missed the memo not to smile.

Boy_Working_MinibusBus Hustler: Minibuses drive along the street and young boys shout out the window where they’re heading to. If you want to go in that direction, they stop to pick you up. Sometimes the boys literally jump out of the open sliding door and walk alongside the moving bus to further convince people on the sidewalk to come with them. This young salesman was the best we met. Persistent and charming. It cost us 20 rupees each to go most places. That’s 20 cents US!


Beautiful Baby: One of my favorite pictures, taken by Sonia. This baby’s mother approached us for money. We helped her and then she agreed to have her baby’s picture taken. A digital photo cannot fully capture the exquisite beauty of her eyes.


Man in Anguish: This man kept holding his head and rocking. It was painful to watch but so indicative of the feelings of many people. I have to confess this was an unsolicited candid shot from my hip.


Typical Boys: There were many people living in tents is this large public park. When we entered, we saw some of the boys jumping into this inactive water fountain. The water was extremely filthy but they were having a blast. Typical boys no matter what country.

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  1. ar says:

    So much has happened in such a short time! Praise the LORD for faithfully giving what you asked…and more. Captivating photos and descriptive words made me sigh with joy and grief together. Your camera is taking far more than just pictures. Thank you for revealing the Father’s heart to us. Thank you for communicating and giving specific prayer requests. Love, ar

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