Village_ValleyBefore Sonia and I came to Nepal, we were praying for divine appointments. Because of the earthquake, half of our original agenda was undetermined even after we arrived. We trusted that the Lord would fill in the blanks and He certainly did! Over and over again! One of Sonia’s deepest desires was to aid those who had the greatest need with hands-on help. Every time I inquired about helping, we were told that only those who were connected with relief organizations or a local church outreach would be able to assist.


I don’t even know how to fully described what we experienced today. It was a totally God-appointed moment. We got to witness the Father’s heart and even participate in what He was doing. It’s a long story but through many providential meetings, we had the privilege of purchasing rice, lentils, salt and oil and delivering them to an entire village (125 households) that has been largely ignored. We traveled away from Kathmandu for nearly two hours in a 4 x 4 with a local pastor, the head of a Nepali Christian Relief organization and two journalists. Upon arrival, we were greeted by the entire village. We really didn’t want it to be a big deal and kept expressing that to the pastor who arranged everything. But they immediately placed homemade leis around our necks and had me, the pastor and the community leaders say a few words. It was overwhelming and extremely humbling. What a privileged place to be representing the hands and feet of so many believers back in the U.S. Many special thanks to AL, SM, K&KW, G&JL, J&SC, MN, MK, R&CT, K&FM, A&JJ for helping to contribute toward the total cost of the supplies. Know that your generosity put food in the stomachs and smiles on the faces of many people today.


The people in this village are “untouchables,” a part of the lowest caste, yet almost all are Christian. When I asked how the gospel reached this tiny village, a young man told me it all started when the “Jesus Film” was shown here many, many years ago. Since then a church building has been built (which was undamaged in the earthquake) and a local pastor now shepherds the flock. Remarkable to see God’s faithfulness in loving and saving all people especially those who are the most despised. I know our help is but temporary not only because the supplies will be consumed after a month but also because we will be soon heading home. I don’t pretend to be a savior. Not even a tiny, temporal one. Thanks be to God that our true and only Savior, Jesus Christ, has called real heroes of the faith who are committed to serving these people for the long haul. The local churches, the pastors, the foreign missionaries and the Nepali Christian community development leaders are the true hands and feet of Christ to those who are suffering in villages like these. May we continue to pray for them as they follow His lead to serve the least of theseVillage_Pan


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