The Future Hope of Nepal

In the first two days of our trip to Nepal, I had the privilege of speaking at a national students conference in Kathmandu. An unexpected surprise and joy was to see the vibrancy of the young leaders who worshipped there. There are a total of 6,000 students who participate in fellowship groups throughout the country. This conference hosted 500 of their top leaders. After being around these young people for a few days, I could see why Nepal not only has one of the fastest growing churches throughout Asia but why that trend will continue for years to come.

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2 thoughts on “The Future Hope of Nepal

  1. ar says:

    Jon and Sonia, as soon as I read your paragraph about Napal, it made me cry for joy that the Holy Spirit has the freedom to move in the young people in transcending ways. The LORD is alive in Nepal and the rest of the world needs to jump into the Wind!

  2. reine ishida says:

    Even though the video was not a great transmission on my computer, I could still get a flavor of the zeal and music where worship was in Spirit and Truth. It sounded like an indigenous song of worship, which is personal to the Pakistani people, and not a western song of praise. The Lord moves uniquely from each nation’s soul! Thank you for posting. ar

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