The Beauty of Nepal

I’ve heard people say, “you can’t take a bad picture in Nepal.” I have to agree. Foreigners flock to Nepal to explore the ancient architecture and the beauty of the Himalayan mountains. But, I think the most beautiful part of the country is her people. With Tibet to the north and India to the south, Nepalis can look Chinese, Indian and everyone else in between. They are lovely inside and out. I have found the Nepali people to be humble and hospitable. A long history of oppression and suffering has honed a resilience that is cloaked with a “shy kindness.” Building friendships with the people has been the most delightful part of this trip. Through them, my love for the nation has deepened and my desire for them to know and grow in Christ has quickened. Oh, what a joy to know the beauty of his splendor amongst the nations!

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2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Nepal

  1. As his Khadka says:

    Thank you brother Jon and sister Soniya, it was such a great blessings for me to meet you, hear and share with you.We can resemble many Nepalese people’s experience with you and your family pain and How God raised you strong enough to be a source of blessings for many people who have been facing desert in their physical and spiritual life.
    We thank God for your life and ministry. Thank you for sharing books with I am enjoying in reading.

    • nearhisheart says:

      Thank you brother, Ashis. We were so blessed to spend time with you as ministry partners and as new friends. Lord willing, we look forward to returning to Nepal in the near future. Hope to see you again soon!

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