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Seeing Christ in All the Mess

Last few thoughts on the book of Ruth…

This is a video that I showed to our church a few weeks ago. Sometimes life may feel the same way. Random. Disjointed. Single events or even entire years in our life feel like chaotic splatters of paint. God is in control but we don’t understand what he’s doing. We can’t make sense of the picture he’s painting.

At times, this is what it must have felt like for Naomi and Ruth. Living in a time of little justice and a great famine, they both lost their husbands, their security and provision. Random tragedies all strung together in a matter of a few years. In chapter 2, there is a reprieve. A man named Boaz provided for the widows generously. Naomi’s hope was that her daughter-in-law could marry this noble man and so concocted a messy plan to have Ruth propose marriage to him. The plan was risky and appeared risqué but it all worked out and Boaz agreed. Someone else still had the right to marry Ruth but he stepped aside and Boaz fulfilled the role of a redeemer.

Such a mixed bag of events. Hopeful ones and hopeless ones. Ones that offer safety and ones that are extremely risky. Ones that provide abundantly and others that take away viciously. How does it all work together? Is there meaning and is there purpose? Or is life just a series of random events? Some good and many bad?

According to Romans 8:28, God works all things together for the good of those who love him. All things, whether good or bad, God uses for his glory and in that our blessing. While the details of each believer’s story may vary, the hope for God’s good is always rooted in the same source. That hope is always in Jesus. All things lead us to Christ. In Christ, all things will be reconciled whether in Heaven or on earth. Even the seemingly random events of Naomi and Ruth’s life ultimately led to Jesus. For Ruth gave birth to Obed who eventually fathered Jesse who fathered Israel’s greatest king, David. That is until, Israel’s ultimate King, our Lord Jesus, was birthed from David’s lineage generations later.

Whatever you may be going through, know that the details of your life are not random. God has a good and glorious purpose that he is working out. It may take longer than you’d like but as you wait by faith, hope in Jesus as the guarantee that God’s love will prevail.

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