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Knowing and Living

Over the past few months, I have been reading and writing a lot about God the Father. I believe this process is vital in God answering my prayer request to “know the Father’s heart.” In my research, there have been a variety of books that have been helpful in building my theological understanding of the Father. They are: The Doctrine of God by John Frame, Father, Son and Holy Spirit by Andreas J. Kostenberger, The Deeper Things of God by Fred Sanders, Knowing the Father through the OT by Christopher Wright

But, in regards to the practical implications of the love of the Father and sonship, “Spiritual Slavery to Spiritual Sonship,” by late author, Jack Frost, has been extremely helpful. I love good theology but I believe theology was meant for worship not academics. In other words, a rich understanding of God should drive us to love God more and compel us to live more fully for him. While learning what the Bible reveals about the Father has renewed my mind and anchored my worship in truth, living it out in daily life has not been as clear or easy. That’s where Frost’s book and curriculum like “Sonship” by World Harvest Mission come in handy.

Currently, I have been blogging a lot less frequently not only because I have been studying the transforming power of God’s love but also because I have been experiencing it firsthand. While the end goal of this process is glorious, the means to getting there is not always fun. For it requires me to recognize a lack of faith and a lot of sin. My inability to live as a son is hindered by my self-sufficiency, my self-centeredness, and self-reliance. Facing these sins is a necessary but painful step toward freedom in Christ and rest in him.

Over the next month, I will be pondering and applying some of the things that I am learning about living as a son. As I do, I will occasionally share some of those reflections in this blog and ultimately in a sermon series at our church. Please pray for God’s grace in my life as I continue in this process to experience and express the heart of the Father.