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Traffic School Report #5

It’s been almost six months since my last traffic school report. If you are unfamiliar with the purpose and origination of these reports, you can get an idea through these past posts.

Here is what I did today, November 15:

  • I helped paint the interior of a house
  • I unclogged the men’s toilet at church
  • I went out to dinner with my family at Island’s (Tuesdays, kids eat free)

You always know it’s going to be a looong day when you go to work and see this sign in the stall of the men’s bathroom.

I will refrain from the toilet humor before I digress. Sorry, it’s been a long day.

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Traffic School Report #4

Today’s “Traffic School” report comes from Foster City, CA. On Tuesday, June 28, we went to the “dog park.” Some people are so strange. Especially dog owners. Since I am one, I think I can admit that our subculture is just plain weird. How come the owners often seem more unruly than the dogs? How did taxpayers’ money get used to fund a park just for canines? How come there are so many signs? With all that being said, I am so glad there is a poochie park here when we visit my in-laws because without it, Rolo would drive us crazy.

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Traffic School Report #3

It’s been quite a while since I last had a “traffic school report.” In past entries, I mentioned I will occasionally report on the mundane in my life in order to “keep it real” and discourage discontentment. So, what did I do today, Saturday, June 18th? I had a garage sale with our proceeds helping to bring Eden home.


Traffic School Report #2

The pruning aftermath...

A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Facebook, Twitter and blogs can sometimes magnify discontentment in our hearts as readers. Because social media only focuses on the intriguing or profound, it tends to paint a false picture of reality. In other words, everyone else’s recorded lives appear more interesting than our own. To dispel that notion, I posted an entry about my day at traffic school. Shortly after, a dear but snide friend emailed and said, “don’t worry, I (knew) you were a boring guy before you wrote “i went to traffic school today”.

Taking the trash out...yay!

Obviously, most of my friends already know that I am a boring guy but just in case some of you are tempted to think otherwise, I will occasionally post a new “traffic school” report to “keep it real.” So here is today’s:

  • I went to a staff meeting.
  • I typed on my computer.
  • I pruned my lemon tree.
  • I took my trash cans out to the curb.

I’d love to hear about your ordinary day. Post your own “traffic school” report in the comments section below so we can all know how normal your life is as well.


I Went to Traffic School

Today, I attended traffic school in Pomona to erase a speeding ticket I got in No Cal. I spent the entire day with six other men listening to a teacher/comedian explain the rules and regulations of the DMV and California state law. I share this experience with you for two reasons. The first is because I am reminded that life goes on. Although the Lord is doing incredible things in my life, the “everydayness” of life still continues. Bills still need to be paid, gas is still needed in the car and meals still need to be cooked. The second reason I share about my day in traffic school is because while God is marvelous, I am still a relatively ordinary person that lives an ordinary life.

I think many users of Facebook and Twitter tend to get more depressed because everyone else’s lives sound more exciting than their own. The same can also be true about those who read blogs. No one ever blogs about the humdrum things of life because no one wants to read about them, yet it is those things that make up most of the lives that we live. I haven’t been blogging for very long but I realize, bloggers need to have something insightful to say or extraordinary to report in order to stay relevant. But in doing so, we give a false perception of reality.  If only the exciting or profound are recorded rather than the ordinary and mundane, then my life seems more interesting than it really is. So, to dispel this notion and possibly discourage depression, I’d like to share with you what I did today…I went to traffic school in Pomona.