My Journey

I have been praying for two things since October of 2010: (1) Father, please show me your heart and (2) please give me your heart. I am fascinated by the Father heart of God and I am not exactly sure why. Maybe, it’s because my earthly father passed away when I was young or maybe it’s because I am now the father of four children.┬áRegardless of the reason, God has been answering those two requests in profound ways and I hope to use this blog to record and ramble about all that I have been experiencing. ┬áI don’t know where this will take me but I hope and pray that you will be encouraged as you come along with me for the journey.

6 thoughts on “My Journey

  1. Sheri Chan says:

    thanks for allowing us to join you on this journey!! what a blessing!

  2. Joyce Inouye says:

    Jon… your words, move me… thank you for this blog… and your updates for how I can pray for Eden. It is my privilege… as we walk “step by step” taking note of everything God lays on this path moment by moment … because it is good… and it leads to awesome wonders.

  3. Tracey says:

    love this picture of you and your dad. brings tears to my eyes. the role a dad has in the life of his children…God has truly blessed you, and your children!

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