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My Chuck Wagon


Never mind the Liquor Cabinet sign behind our chuck wagon

When we were preparing to adopt Eden, we needed a new car that would accommodate a growing family of six. The Lord provided a great Honda Odyssey that I infamously named, “the swagger wagon.” I was so grateful for that van that I dedicated an entire post to it (My Swaggerwagon). After logging over 111,000 miles, my swagger wagon has now been transformed into “a chuck wagon.” There are no horses pulling our Honda, but our chuck wagon will still carry my entire family and all of our stuff over 800 miles of roadway within the next few days.

Today, we departed the Bay Area after a brief visit with extended family. Our destination? The Pacific Northwest. Our timeline? One month in Seattle and two months in Portland. Our purpose? Ministry, education, following His lead. Our feelings? Hopeful and grateful.

To make a long story short, God opened up an opportunity for us to temporarily move to the PNW to live, to learn and to serve. This was quite unexpected. In fact, it all came together within the last few months in a surprising and sovereign way. While there are definite plans, there are also a lot of unknowns. In other words, some of the details of this trip are “open-ended.” While that might be concerning for some, for me and my family, we find this quite exciting. Life is a faith adventure when you know your Father is writing a story of grace. At times it will be challenging. We won’t always know what the next chapter brings. But unexpected surprises are gifts that build faith and gratitude. I know we always need more of those things in our family. For now, all I know is our venture into the Pacific Northwest begins in our chuck wagon. Your prayers are appreciated!

(This is being posted three days late. We arrived safely in Seattle on Wednesday!)

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